• The AK-Series AK48-4-UB and AK-Series AK48-4-UB-D are industrial cargo carriers built by Star EV with a stylish yet sturdy design and top-of-the-line technology. The carriers have a seating capacity of 4 persons as well as a cargo carrying capacity of 800 lbs, all of this made possible by the powerful 7 HP AC motor. The comfortable bucket seats and the stereo system make a ride in these trucks a fun and pleasurable experience.

  • The AK48-2-Long-IB is a 2-seater cargo carrier automobile that is comfortably built to enhance your transportation experience. The roomy interiors and the spacious bucket seats coupled with its powerful engine and smooth steering and control features make a ride in the AK-48-2-Long-IB pleasurable one. The cargo box at the back comes with deep aluminium shelving and the option of customization as per your cargo preferences.

  • The AK48-4-SB is a spaciously and sturdily built 4-seater carrier vehicle that comes with a powerful 7HP AC motor and a 48V battery system. The cargo vehicle has a large stake box with removable sides at the rear which allows it to easily carry a load up to 800 lbs. The AK48-4-SB has numerous add-on options available such as high beam headlights, heater, defroster, self sealing tires and AGM batteries which make it even more amazing than it already is.

  • Ap48-04


    The AP 48-04 is a modern stylish 4-seater automobile that is spaciously designed for extended comfort and leisure. The car comes with a 7 HP AC motor and eight 6V batteries that power it up for a long drive. The AP 48-04 has a technologically advanced hydraulic and regenerative braking system which provides for safe driving even at its top speed of around 20 mph. With the many upgrades available, the car makes for a storehouse of fun and entertainment.

  • AP48-04-Ambulance


    The AP48-04-Ambulance is a medical emergency vehicle designed by Star EV to carry patients comfortably and quickly. The spaciously built automobile has the capacity to carry 4 persons along with a standard stretcher attached. The ambulance has a powerful motor and a Curtis controller with regenerative braking for easy manoeuvrability. It also provides for an aluminium cargo box under the stretcher to keep your medical supplies handy in case of emergencies.

  • AP48-04-D


    The AP 48-04-D is a fashionably designed 4-seater golf automobile with ultra modern looks and technologically advanced accessories that perfectly complement its looks. Although the car comes with four doors, there is ample space inside which does not leave the passengers inside feeling cramped for space. To add to the experience, the AP 48-04-D comes with a deluxe stereo, two speakers and a CD player that provides you with complete entertainment on the go.

  • The AP48-04-Police and the AP48-04-D-Police are patrolling automobiles built with a sturdy frame and modern stylish looks. The 7 HP AC motor allows them to reach a top speed of around 20 mph while the add-on accessories such as the closable glove boxes, adjustable arm-rests and coil over shock front independent suspension make life a little bit easier for our brave law enforcement officers.

  • AP48-06


    The AP 48-06 is a spacious 6-seater golf car that is designed for optimum comfort and luxury. The car has a Herculean engine and efficient battery system along with features such as high-back seats and front suspensions for a pleasurable drive. The rack-and-pinion steering makes for easy handling while its adjustable armrests and backrests provide the utmost comfort while cruising around town.

  • AP48-06-D


    The AP 48-06-D is a golf automobile designed by Star EV that provides you with ample space to shuttle 6 passengers in one trip. The trendy design of the car does not compromise with comfort and luxury, providing state-of-the-art seating and entertainment options. The AP 48-06-D has 6 doors for easy access and is powerfully built with a mighty 7 HP AC motor as well as a 48 V battery system. If you’re planning a short trip with your immediate family, you can be sure of a complete family experience with no one being left behind.

  • The AP48-06-Police and the AP48-06-D-Police are spaciously built 6-seater patrol vehicles designed by Star EV especially for the law enforcement officers. The vehicles comes with a powerful engine and an efficient 48V battery system that allow you to cruise at a top speed of around 20 mph and car accessories such as the special police package which include an amber strobe light along with a PA system. The large seating capacity means that the patrolling can be done by the entire team together.

  • The BN72-08-AC-Autodrive-M is a modern sophisticated shuttle bus with a carrying capacity of 12 persons. The bus comes with a beastly 10 HP AC motor as well as the capability of power steering and regenerative braking to make your journey an enjoyable experience. Whether you’re transporting your guests or your friends, the automotive tires and the hydraulic braking along with its top speed of 18 mph, all make it the ideal transport automobile.

  • The BN72-11-AC-Autodrive-M is a 12-seater shuttle bus with a trendy design that includes stylish 13” aluminium wheels, roof mounted dome lights and power steering along with automotive tires. The bus even comes with multiple upgrade options such as side step plates, Sunbrella enclosure and even solar panels to top it all. Now wherever you go with your troupe, travel in style.